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Milwaukee Residential Locksmith Services

Change Locks

Whether you just moved in to a new home and would like to replace your locks or you're simply interested in a security upgrade; MKE locksmith will definetly have the perfect solution for you. We carry a wide variety of locks, ranging from standard locks to high security locks. In addition we carry a lot of old and hard to come by hardware. Changing your locks by a professional locksmith in Milwaukee has never been easier. To set up an appointment simply give us a call.

Rekey Cylinders

Sometimes there is no need to replace your locks, assuming that they work and function properly. But there are cases when you might be concerned about your key "floating" around. Maybe your contracter or baby sitter have a copy you're not aware of. In these situations we can simply rekey your existing locks. The process requires removing your current locks, disassembling them, replacing the pins within the cylinder and last but not least reinstalling them back on your door. Your old key will no longer operate the lock and instead you'll receive a new set of keys. This is a fast and affordable solution as it does not require any hardware replacement.

Locked out of your House

This happens to the best of us. You accidently shut the door just to realize a split second later that you left the keys inside. Or perhaps you lost your keys? It's also quite common that locks simply refuse to function, even with the right key. This is where MKE Locksmith comes in! A quick call will get a professional locksmith to your home and within minutes you'll be back inside. If your lock will need to be replaced, we are completely prepared for that as well. So don't panic! Call MKE Locksmith in Milwaukee.

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MKE Locksmith offers a complete service for all your residential lock needs. Whether you need your locks replaced, repaired, rekeyed or just have your front door unlocked!

Common Residential Locksmith Services:

  • -Houses Unlocked
  • -All Locks Replaced
  • -Any Lock Rekeyed
  • -Deadbolts Installed
  • -High Security & Bump Proof Locks
  • -Mailbox Locks Replaced
  • -Sliding Door Locks Installed
  • -Garage Door Locks Installed and Repaired