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Milwaukee Car Locksmith Services

Lost Car Keys Replacement

No matter what kind of car you have; foreign or domestic, our mobile locksmith is able to cut nearly any car key and program them as well. Newer model cars have computer chips and additional electronic security embedded within their keys. These require not only a knowledgable locksmith but speciality equipment and tools designed for each and every model car available. MKE Car Locksmith service technicians are experts at car key replacment. If you lost your car keys, you're just a phone call away from getting a replacement key and being back on the road again.

Unlock Car

This happens when least expected; when you're leaving the supermarket or when you're late for work. Locking your keys in your car can be stressful, but with a quick phone call you can have a professional locksmith unlock your door and retrieve your keys as if nothing happened, allowing you to go about your day.

Replace Ignition Cylinder

Many cars are known for having problematic ignition cylinders. After years of wear and tear, these ignitions sometimes simply fail to turn. Often customers think that perhaps their key has worn out. But in almost all cases the ignition is what needs attention. Our car locksmith will inspect your ignition and determine whether it needs to be replaced or if it can be salvaged and repaired. No matter what needs to be done, rest assure that our locksmith will be able to provide the required solution to get you up and running again.

Extract Broken Key

You turn your key in the ignition and suddenly you discover that the key snapped inside the cylinder, leaving you with just the plastic head of the key in your hand. For starters, don't panic! Second, don't try to extract the key yourself unless you are absolutely sure you know what you're doing; otherwise it will only make matters worse and make it more difficult if not immpossible to extract the key. Our technicians are trained to extract broken keys without damaging your ignition.

Keys Locked in Trunk

For some vehicles, locking the keys in the trunk poses a much bigger challenge than others. While most vehicles have a simple and standard trunk release by the driver side, others have electronic release buttons that only operate if they keys are in the ignition and turned to the on position. Getting the keys out of a trunk in these cases is very tricky and requires an experienced professional locksmith. In some cases the locksmith may have to cut a new key altogether just to get the trunk unlocked.

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